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Bullfighting suspended in Mexico City. Maybe for good?

A judge in Mexico City has suspended bullfighting indefinitely. This has happened as a result of a charges from a Mexican citizens’ association. It claims that bullfighting violates the right to a healthy environment. The Justice Department is now going to look into this case. Until then, there will be no bullfights in the Mexican…

Spanish newspaper El País stops section on bullfighting

Good news from Spain, because the Spanish newspaper El País stops its section on bullfighting. An important moment for journalism in Spain, because El País is the most read newspaper in Spain and the one with the highest circulation. Because of this, many people will no longer be confronted with positive coverage of bullfighting. This…

Protest in Valencia against bullfighting

After two years of pandemics, bullfighting took place again in March in the Spanish city of Valencia. CAS International and AnimaNaturalis protested against the bloody event. The bullfights were held during the Fallas, a traditional feast that is held every year in Valencia. On 13 March, CAS and AnimaNaturalis protested near the bullring of Valencia….

Basque Country spends nearly 300,000 euros a year on bull festivals

CAS International and AnimaNaturalis announce that the Basque Country spends almost 300,000 euros a year on subsidies for bull festivals. This is the result of an in-depth study we are currently conducting into the 18,000 bull festivals in Spain. As a result of the research results, we ask the authorities of the Basque Country to…