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Tag Archives: Mexico City

Bullfighting season 2022-2023 canceled in Mexico City

There will be no bullfights during the 2022-2023 bullfighting season in Mexico City! The world’s largest arena remains free of animal suffering for now. This is because the court has decided to suspend the bullfights. A legal investigation is underway into whether bullfighting violates the right to a healthy environment. The managers of the Plaza…

Mexico Supreme Court: Bullfighting no longer cultural heritage

The bullfighting sector deals with another blow in a short time. Last week, a judge decided to indefinitely stop bullfighting in Mexico City. And now the Supreme Court of Mexico  has declared that bullfighting and cockfighting are not cultural heritage. Cultural Heritage In 2019, the state of Nayarit declared bullfighting to be cultural heritage. Cockfighting,…

Bullfighting suspended in Mexico City. Maybe for good?

A judge in Mexico City has suspended bullfighting indefinitely. This has happened as a result of a charges from a Mexican citizens’ association. It claims that bullfighting violates the right to a healthy environment. The Justice Department is now going to look into this case. Until then, there will be no bullfights in the Mexican…