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Thanks to the political lobby we perform with local organizations bullfighting has been banned in several places. Our biggest success was the ban on bullfighting in the Spanish region of Catalonia, where bullfighting has been abolished since January 1, 2012. In 2016, the Constitutional Court of Spain declared that the prohibition of bullfighting is Catalonia is not valid. Still, no bullfights are held in Catalonia. In the Canary Islands, bullfighting was abolished in 1991.

In other bullfighting countries there are also local bans on bullfighting in effect: the Mexican states of Sonora, Guerrero and Coahuila banned bullfighting and the Peruvian province of Concepción in Junin as well. The state in Venezuela of Trujillo is technically bullfighting free.

In other cases there is no outspoken ban, yet bullfights and patronal festivals with bulls are prevented by not granting permits or to not authorize the use of the bullring. In this way, no more bullfights are held.

Access of children

We are also lobbying, together with local organizations, for a ban on children’s access to bullfights and patronal festivals with bulls. Minors (18 years) are not allowed to go to bullfights in Ecuador since 2018. In Venezuela, minors under 18 cannot attend bullfights in the states Aragua, Zulia and Guárico. In Spanish Galicia and on the Balearic Islands there is an age limit of 12 years. In the meanwhile, the Committee of the Rights of the Children of the United Nations asked Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, France, Peru, Ecuador and Spain to keep children away from the violence of bullfights.


Another focus is the end of subsidies for bullfighting and patronal festivals with bulls. In Colombia, for example, it is prohibited to provide financial support to bullfights.

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