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About CAS International

CAS International (Comité Anti Stierenvechten) wants to end bullfighting and other ‘cultural’ events that cause animal suffering. This also includes fiestas (‘patronal festivals’), like the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, and many other festivities during which bulls and other animals are maltreated and killed.

CAS International, founded in 1993, focuses exclusively on abolishing bullfighting, patronal festivals and other cultural events. CAS International has divided her activities into projects, developed after intensive research and meetings with colleague organizations in all bullfighting countries. A few examples of projects we are working on at the moment:

•    We lobby at the European Union and national and local governments in Europe and Latin-America.
•    We organize conferences about bullfighting and give lectures on the topic of the suffering of bulls during bullfights.
•    During conferences and journeys to the bullfighting countries we keep in contact with local anti-bullfighting organizations.
•    We conduct opinion polls in the bullfighting countries to find out what the inhabitants think of bullfighting. With the results, we can convince local politicians to abolish bullfighting.
•    We ask bullfighting sponsors to stop supporting the bullfighting industry.
•    We ask municipalities in the bullfighting countries to declare themselves ‘anti-bullfighting municipality’.

We also keep informing the Dutch public about the cruelty of bullfighting and patronal festivals with animals. This way, we can make sure they will never visit events where bulls and other animals are maltreated and/or killed, so that their money does not end up in the hands of the bullfighting industry.

CAS International does not receive any subsidies and depends entirely on donations. For more information about the supervisory council, board and employees of CAS International click here. CAS is also supported by volunteers.

Read our annual account 2021 and our statutes (both only in Dutch available).

Click here to contact CAS International.

We make sure your personal details are well protected. Third parties cannot access this information. With this, we meet the requirements of the European privacy legislation. Read here our privacy statement.

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