• Active against bullfighting for 30 years
  • Active in all bullfighting countries
  • We depend 100% on donations
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By including CAS International (Anti-Bullfighting Committee) in your will, you also help the bulls and horses after your death. Neglecting a charity is fiscally advantageous. For all that CAS receives as heir or legatee from an estate, CAS does not owe any inheritance tax on it. You can arrange legacies or legacies through your notary.


A will is meant to record what happens to your estate. Many people do not like to make a will, but it is a very good way to organize things neatly. In addition to family and friends, you can also include a charity such as CAS in your will. Through your will you can favor our work in different ways.

1. Legate

A legacy is a provision in your will that allows you to donate a fixed amount, certain goods or a percentage of your estate to a person or institution. With a legacy you grant a part of the inheritance specifically before the rest of the inheritance is divided. A legacy in favor of CAS can be registered by a notary in your will.

2. Legacy

In your will you can also name CAS as (joint) heir. You can describe what part of your estate you want to benefit from our work. You can also request your heirs in your will to pay an amount to CAS after your death. However, this request is not binding. Your notary can advise you on an inheritance in favor of CAS.