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The International Anti-Bullfighting Network exists since 2007. CAS International is co-founder of this Network. Now the Network consists of more than 110 organizations that work on the prohibition of bullfighting.

CAS International is part of this Network and is annually actively working on the organization of the international summit. During this summit the members of the Network discuss the strategies to battle bullfighting.

Organizations of the International Anti-Bullfighting Network has achieved many successes, including:

General successes

  • The growing rejection of the cruelty of bullfighting by society, reflected in each and every one of the surveys conducted in the bullfighting countries
  • The general decline in public attendance to bullfighting events
  • Bullfighting is a point of discussion in all bullfighting countries, both in society and in politics

Prohibition of bullfighting

  • Prohibition of bullfighting in Catalonia, Spain
  • Prohibition in Mexican states of Coahuila, Sonora and Guerrero
  • Prohibition in the Peruvian province of Concepción Junín
  • 147 municipalities worldwide have declared themselves against bullfighting
  • During a referendum in Ecuador in 2011 the majority in most cantons voted for the end of bullfights during which a bull is killed in the bullring


  • The United Nations have asked Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, France, Ecuador and Spain to keep minors away of the violence of bullfighting
  • Ecuador prohibited the attendance of minors under 18 to bullfights
  • Several states in Venezuela have prohibited the entrance of children to bullfights (16 or 12 years old)
  • Galicia (Spain) prohibited that children under 12 have entrance to bullfights


  • The European Parliament voted in favor of a prohibition of the subsidization of bullfighting with European funding
  • In more and more Spanish municipalities the subsidies to bullfights and bullfighting schools are canceled. These funds now go to Education, Health Care, etc

End of promotion and sponsoring of bullfights by companies

  • The prestigious British travel association ABTA has called on companies like STA Travel to stop organizing trips to the Pamplona bullruns and to end promotion of bullfights among tourists.
  • Travel agencies from the Netherlands and Belgium stopped selling travels that include excursion to bullfights

Export of bullfights and feasts with bulls

  • It was prevented that bullfights and cruel feasts with bulls would be exported to China, the United Arabian Emirates, Algeria and Costa Rica