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Majority of people in European bullfighting countries against the harmful tradition

The majority of people in Spain, France and Portugal is against bullfighting and think the harmful tradition causes too much suffering to bulls, a survey on behalf of CAS International shows.

The survey among 7500 people carried out by Ipsos I&O Public on behalf CAS shows that a great majority of the inhabitants of the three European countries where bullfighting still takes place think that public money should not be spent to support bullfighting and that the European Union should protect the welfare of animals within cultural traditions.

In the survey, a total of 10 statements were presented to respondents. The infographic shows the most important results.

Infographic with the most important results of the survey. By JSBdesign. 

Download the infographic in the following languages:

The complete report with the results can be downloaded here.

Political preference

The critical opinion about bullfighting that is shown by the survey is not limited to ‘left voters’. In the survey participants were asked what party they voted for during the last national elections in their country and it turned that for the statements about animal suffering and EU responsibilities the majority of voters of all political parties agreed with the statement. Also, for other statements both left and right and central voters shared their critical opinions. Overall, women were more critical towards bullfighting than men.