Active against bullfighting for 25 years

More than 100,000 rescued bulls

Active worldwide

Volunteer work

CAS International (Comité Anti Stierenvechten) is a very active organization. Thanks to the help of volunteers, we can do even more to end bullfighting and other events with bulls and other animals once and for all.

What can you do for CAS International? 

  • Inform other people about the cruelty of bullfighting and feasts with bulls and about what CAS International does to stop these atrocities. This way, even more people will support our work for the bulls and horses, so that this animal abuse will be passed to the history books even sooner. 
  • Handing out information materials and collecting signatures (if we have a petition at that moment) during animal events or in a pet shop, at the vet, in travel bureaus, etc. 
  • Participating in manifestations against bullfighting. Sometimes we ask our sympathizers to travel with us to a manifestation (at their own cost). Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to stay up to date. 
  • Do a presentation about CAS International and our fight against bullfighting at your school

Do you want to volunteer for CAS International? Please contact us