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Bullfighting suspended in Mexico City. Maybe for good?


A judge in Mexico City has suspended bullfighting indefinitely. This has happened as a result of a charges from a Mexican citizens’ association. It claims that bullfighting violates the right to a healthy environment. The Justice Department is now going to look into this case. Until then, there will be no bullfights in the Mexican capital.

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For the first time in 76 years, no bullfights will take place in the largest bullring in the world: Plaza México, with space for 50,000 spectators. The Mexican association Justicia Justa has filed a lawsuit because it believes that bullfighting violates the right to a healthy environment. This right is stated in the Mexican constitution. According to Justicia Justa, this right is violated when animals are mistreated because they are sentient beings. Their presence in our society contributes to a healthy environment. Judge Jonathan Bass eventually proved them right and suspended bullfighting indefinitely. Bass:

“Society has an interest in the physical and emotional integrity of all animals being respected because they are living beings that form ecosystems and therefore contribute to environmental services that are essential to humans.”


The Mexican newspaper El Universal reports that Justicia Justa believes that bullfighting also violates legislation intended to protect women from violence. Mexico is one of the most violent countries in the world, and the second country with the highest number of femicides. From CAS International we sew that Mexico is looking for new arguments to stop the violence in society. A ban on bullfighting is one of the arguments, based on the idea that violence leads to more violence. The end of bullfighting will contribute to a reduction of violence in general.

It is now a matter of time to see how the courts will rule. It can take months before a verdict is reached.

Bullfighting under fire

This is not the only attack on the bullfighting sector in Mexico. At the moment, there is a lawsuit pending from the Court of Justice of the Nation. It is being examined whether an activity in which animals are maltreated and killed may be declared a cultural heritage. Moreover, there are several indictments, also from CAS International. Together with AnimaNaturalis and the law firm Va por sus Derechos, we have thus started a legal battle against the Congress and the executive authorities of Mexico City. In recent legal processes, they have not shown the will to ban bullfighting.

The most recent attempt in Congress to achieve a ban on bullfighting in Mexico City came up against a number of obstacles due to the lack of political will and the continuous failure of the authorities to take action. As a result, we have filed several lawsuits for negligence for continuing to allow bullfighting in Mexico City. We also have a lawsuit pending against the Congress of the Mexican capital for not reforming the law to ban bullfighting.

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