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Bullfighting season 2022-2023 canceled in Mexico City


There will be no bullfights during the 2022-2023 bullfighting season in Mexico City! The world’s largest arena remains free of animal suffering for now. This is because the court has decided to suspend the bullfights. A legal investigation is underway into whether bullfighting violates the right to a healthy environment.

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The managers of the Plaza México bullring announced on social media that the court ruling does not allow bullfighting to continue. Traditionally, the first bullfight of the season was held on December 12, in honor of Mexico’s patron saint: the Virgin of Guadalupe.

76 years

For the first time in 76 years, no bullfights will take place in the world’s largest bullring. The Mexican civil movement Justicia Justa filed a lawsuit earlier this year alleging that bullfighting violates the right to a healthy environment. This right is stated in the Mexican constitution. According to Justicia Justa, this right is violated when animals are mistreated because they are sentient beings. Their presence in society contributes to a healthy nature. In June, judge Jonathan Bass finally vindicated Justicia Justa and suspended bullfighting indefinitely. Bass:

“Society benefits when the physical and emotional integrity of all animals is respected because they are living creatures that form ecosystems and therefore contribute to environmental services that are essential to humans.”

Bullfighting under fire

From CAS International, AnimaNaturalis and the law firm Va por sus Derechos we started a legal case against the authorities of Mexico City earlier this year. The Congress and the executive authorities have not shown the will to ban bullfighting, thus following the law. In fact, Mexico City’s constitution states that animals are sentient beings, and everyone has the moral obligation to respect their lives. It does not state any exceptions. The constitution directs the authorities of Mexico City to guarantee the protection and welfare of animals, including that of bulls intended for bullfighting.

In addition, our lawyers in Mexico discovered that the slaughter of fighting bulls by the matadores (the bullfighter who kills the bull) is illegal throughout the country. This is because it violates two articles of the federal Animal Health Law. In addition, this activity goes against Mexican regulations on methods of killing domesticated and wild animals. The slaughter of fighting bulls during a bullfight is not an exception in this norm. This makes it an illegal activity. CAS, AnimaNaturalis and Va por sus Derechos have taken steps so that the law is enforced. Learn more about this in the article below:

Bullfighting illegal in Mexico?

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