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In addition to galgo hunting, there is another activity that causes a lot of animal suffering: the championships. These can be considered as cultural events. The principle is the same as in the hunt: two galgos run after a hare, catch and kill it. A hunter walks on an open field with two dogs, and releases the animals when a hare starts to run. Factors such as the way the dogs run, catch the hare, etc. determine how many points a dog gets and who wins the championship.

Galgos are specially trained for the championships. Some breeders are only focussed with breeding and training these galgos. The dogs must meet specific requirements. If a breeder has galgos that do not comply, they will be dumped or killed. Many dogs die because of the rigorous selection procedures. The championships therefore cause a lot of animal suffering. A galgo that is suitable to participate in a championship also costs a lot of money. Breeding and selling these galgos is a lucrative business. And in addition to the championships, there is also the hunting with galgos. Do you want to know more about the galgo hunt? Read more here.

Shelters try to save as many dumped dogs as possible. Many of these hunting dogs are being adopted in Spain or abroad, where a bright future awaits them. CAS International will not focus on the adoption of dogs, and we have a reason for that. We are taking the political path to ban the gruesome hunting and to stop the abuse of galgos, podencos and other hunting dogs forever.

Spain is the only European country where hunting animals is allowed in an open field and where hunting dogs are allowed to kill the prey. These are practices that are prohibited elsewhere in Europe. However, through Article 13 of the Lisbon Treaty there is an exception for banning certain forms of animal cruelty that are part of cultural traditions, religious rites and regional heritage in European countries. We will fight for this cause in both Spain and Brussels.

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Picture: Pixabay