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Adopt a bull

Did you know that you can adopt a rescued bull?

A number of bulls, cows and a horses have been very lucky. They have been rescued and will not die a cruel death in the bullring or during a feast with animals. They live in peace in a sanctuary in Spain and Belgium.

By adopting a bull, a horse or a cow you can help them having a better life. CAS International makes it possible for you to help these animals. You can adopt an animal for a minimum of nine euros every month.

Of every nine euros, six are used for  food, shelter, medical costs, etc of the bull, horse or cow in the sanctuary. The remaining three euros stay at CAS and will be used to end bullfighting and cruel feasts with bulls. We lobby authorities, we protest and inform people, and every year we organize an international conference against bullfighting. Read more about the work of CAS. In case you offer a higher sum, then the ratio of distribution remains the same: for example, with a sum of 18 euros, 12 euros go to the adoptive animals and 6 euros to CAS.

How does it work?

You choose a bull, horse or cow and indicate the sum of money you would like to use for adoption. You send this to CAS through an electronic form. Then you will become co-adoptant for this animal for a minimum of one year. Afterwards the donation will be automatically prolonged for a year. You will receive a certificate as confirmation for the adoption. Once a year we will inform you about your adopted animal. In case the bull or cow unexpectedly dies or moves to another location, the adoption stops and we will introduce you to a new bull, horse or cow.

Where is your adopted bull, horse or cow?

Your bull or cow lives in a sanctuary close to Madrid, Spain and your horse in Belgium. When you become an adoptant, you will receive more information about your adopted animal. If you want to visit the animal, you can contact CAS for the arrangements.

Adopt a bull, cow or horse