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Adopt Marius

Stier Marius © CAS International

Marius was found with another bull, a goat and other animals, abandoned in the courtyard of a house in Huelva, Spain. A dead horse missing three legs was also discovered there. The situation in which Marius was found could not be more sad, and he had been maltreated and was underfed. Marius is partly descended of the fighting bull breed. We do not know why Marius has been partly bred this way.

There are several option for fighting bulls. When they grow up in the bullfighting sector, the can be used as ‘practice material’ in a bullfighting school to learn minors how to bullfight. As young bulls of one to two years old they can be use to entertain people during a feast with animals as well. There, they are tortured and, depending on the type of feast, killed in the most cruel way.

Another option is the bullfight, at an age of 3 to 4 years old. And in case they don’t accomplish the expectations of the breeder, they are sent to the slaughterhouse. This happens to half of the fighting bulls that are born on breeding farms.

By adopting Marius you can contribute to a better life for him. At the same time you support our work to end bullfighting. Read how the adoption process works.

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