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Commemoration of 54 dead bulls in Mexico City


On March 17, CAS International and AnimaNaturalis held a commemoration for the death of 54 bulls in Mexico City. The animals were killed during bullfights in Plaza México – the largest bullring in the world. 6 of the 54 bulls were younger than 4 years old. A total of nine bullfights took place in the Mexican capital between January 18 and March 24.


Commemoration of 54 dead bulls in Mexico City | Picture CAS/AnimaNaturalis


The commemoration took place at the Monumento de la Revolución – a monument in Mexico City that honours the Mexican Revolution. During the action, activists held boards with the names of all the killed animals. The names were also read aloud: among others, the names Mar de Nubes, Manuel, Dionisio, Romero and Cenizo were heard.


A manifesto was also read during the action: the organizers of the action requested the end of bullfighting in Mexico City and the rest of the country. Bullfighting also still takes place in other important Mexican cities such as Guadalajara, Aguascalientes and Monterrey. Furthermore, CAS and AnimaNaturalis called on society to question critically the normalization of violence against animals for entertainment.

Majority of Mexicans against bullfighting

The majority of the Mexican population is against bullfighting. According to a poll by daily newspaper Diaro Reforma (2022), 73 percent of Mexicans consider bullfighting to be animal cruelty. Furthermore, bullfighting is banned in five Mexican states: Coahuila, Sonora, Guerrero, Quintana Roo and Sinaloa.

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