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Protest against bullfighting during San Isidro in Madrid


In the Spanish capital Madrid, AnimaNaturalis and CAS International recently protested against bullfighting during San Isidro festivities. During this week of festivities, Madridians celebrate the death anniversary of the city’s patron saint: San Isidro. The protest took place on 12 May in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor.

Protest Madrid 12 May 2024

Protest against bullfighting during San Isidro in Madrid | Photo: CAS/AnimaNaturalis

Protest against bullfighting

With this demonstration during the festive week, together with AnimaNaturalis, we made it clear that we want an end to violent bullfighting during San Isidro and in general. San Isidro, like many other popular festivals, is a moment of togetherness and joy. In doing so, it is not fitting to torture animals in front of the public.

We know that the majority of the Spanish population agrees. Fewer and fewer people attend bullfights and bullrings remain empty.

Declining interest bullfighting

Data from the Spanish Culture Ministry show that the number of bullfights in bullrings has halved in 10 years. From 2684 in 2009 to 1425 in 2019. They also show that more than 50% of Spaniards support a ban or restriction on bullfighting and almost 8 out of 10 Spaniards are against the use of animals in bullfighting.

A recent survey done by Ipsos I&O Public for CAS International, shows that bullfighting is rejected in Spain, France and Portugal. The results show that 77% of respondents think bullfighting causes too much suffering to animals and 58% think it should be banned.

Protest Madrid 12 May 2024

Protest against bullfighting in Madrid | Photo: CAS/AnimaNaturalis


AnimaNaturalis, together with many other civil society organisations, has been collecting signatures for the citizens’ initiative #NoEsMiCultura since the beginning of this year. 500.000 signatures need to be collected in 9 months to lift the legal protection of bullfighting, by withdrawing Law 18/2013, which declares bullfighting Spain’s cultural heritage. This will restore regional and local governments’ own powers over culture and entertainment.

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