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Thriller with a bull in main role: Sangre de Toro


The English written thriller Sangre de Toro (Bull’s Blood), starring a Spanish bull, was released this spring. The book is written by Rachael Adam, and deals with the cruelties of bullfighting, among other things.

Book Sangre de Toro

Cover Sangre de Toro

Here is a brief summary of Sangre de Toro:

Bull Pepelito dramatically escapes a certain death in the bullring, which for some is a reason to celebrate. But not everyone is happy about this. Quickly he begins to heal from his deep physical and psychological wounds. But his healing process is interrupted by a true nightmare: matador Javier Castella would kill to finish his masterpiece…and he is not the only one.

Rachael Adam has been so kind to decide to dedicate a part of the profits of this book to the fight against bullfighting by donating it to CAS. From CAS, we also contributed to the book by providing information about bullfighting.

You can order the book in two ways:

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