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Spain stops main prize for bullfighting


Spain will stop awarding the main prize for the country’s best bullfighter. According to the Ministry of Culture, the prize does not fit the ‘new social and cultural reality’. The prize for the best bullfighter involves a check worth as much as 30.000 euros.

Bull and matador

Bull and matador | Photo: CAS/AnimaNaturalis

Eliminate prize

Spain is going to eliminate the top prize for bullfighting. This was announced recently by the Spanish Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtasun. He said on X:

“There is a social majority among the Spanish who are increasingly aware of animal welfare. I think the majority of Spaniards understand less and less why animal cruelty takes place in our country, and much less why that cruelty is rewarded with public money.”

During bullfighting, a matador in shiny clothes fights a bull. At the end of the fight, the matador kills the animal with a sword. The annual prize of 30.000 euros was awarded in the past to famous bullfighters such as Julian Lopez, also known as ‘El Juli’.

Bullfighting controversial

Bullfighting, once considered an important part of Spanish culture, has become a controversial topic in recent years. This is due in part to decreasing interest among young people and a growing movement for animal rights. For example, opponents of bullfighting believe it is a cruel sport.

Those in favor believe that bullfighting is part of Spanish culture. Similarly, not everyone agrees with the Spanish government’s decision. The conservative opposition party Partido Popular (PP) believes that bullfighting is part of Spanish culture. According to PP, by abolishing the prize, the government shows that it does not believe in ‘cultural diversity or freedom.’ The party plans to award the prize again when it comes to power.

Increasing disinterest

Although there are still supporters of bullfighting, recent polls show increasing disinterest, especially among young people. According to figures from the Ministry of Culture, only 8% of the Spanish population attended a bullfight during the 2018-2019 bullfighting season.

The recent opinion survey we had done shows that the majority of Spanish people no longer support bullfighting. Another survey by BBVA Foundation concludes that eight out of ten Spaniards are against bullfighting.

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