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European elections: vote for a Europe without bullfighting


On the 6th of June, we get to vote in the European Parliament elections. For many, this may seem like a distant memory, but nothing could be further from the truth. In Europe, for example, rules are made for animal welfare in animal farming, the protection of nature and the protection status of the wolf. All topics that cross national borders belong to European Union files. If it is up to CAS International, in the future this will also apply to the welfare of animals used for cultural or traditional events, such as bullfights. With your vote, you can make a difference. So go ahead and vote, because every vote counts. 

European elections: vote for a Europe without bullfighting

European elections: vote for a Europe without bullfighting | Photo: CAS/AnimaNaturalis

Manifesto against bullfighting

The new European Parliament and the new European Commission will start work on the post-2027 review of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after the elections. The CAP regulates which farmers receive agricultural subsidies and how much. It has been known for over a decade that breeders of fighting bulls in Spain, Portugal and France also receive subsidies. The amount involved is as much as 200 million euros a year. The review of the CAP could prevent agricultural subsidies from being used to maintain this cruel tradition.

To encourage candidate European parliamentarians to speak out against bullfighting, we have drawn up a manifesto together with our European sister organisations from our International Network Against Bullfighting. We therefore also call on candidate European parliamentarians to sign the manifesto to end bullfighting and cruel bull festivals. This way, voters can see which politicians stand up for the welfare of the thousands of bulls, cows and horses suffering from bullfighting. The manifesto and list of signatories can be found on the new website of the International Network Against Bullfighting.

Majority against bullfighting

To further motivate politicians and political parties to end bullfighting, we commissioned a large opinion survey from CAS by Ipsos I&O Public among a total of 7,500 participants from Spain, France and Portugal. This showed that the majority of the inhabitants of the three European bullfighting countries are against bullfighting. They also think the European Union should protect animal welfare within cultural traditions. The majority also believes that no national or European subsidies should be used to promote bullfighting. You can read all the results of the opinion poll here.


Infographic results opinion poll | Design: JSBdesign

Animal Choice Guide

To help voters make an animal-friendly choice, the Animal Coalition, of which CAS is a member, has created an Animal Choice Guide. This voter guide shows what they have included in their election manifesto on various animal-related topics. Many parties included something about animal welfare, including animals in livestock farming. Only two parties specifically call for a ban on bullfighting in their election manifestos: the Party for the Animals and Volt. View the election guide here (in Dutch).

The Party for the Animals and Volt say the following about bullfighting in their election manifesto:

PvdD: Protecting animals is more important than traditions in EU countries. That means, for example, banning the collecting of lapwing eggs. As well as hunting migratory birds in countries like Malta, Italy and France. We ban the performance of animals for entertainment. The EU bans the use of animals in dolphin pools and circuses. Animals currently trapped there, we catch them safely. Zoos – and animal enclosures with water (aquaria) – become special shelters. To care for animals, not to entertain people. The EU helps with money.

As long as zoos and aquaria still exist, they follow strict rules. Zoos are not allowed to mutilate animals. And not, for example, clip wings on birds. Or pull teeth on predators. We ban bullfighting. The EU no longer funds entertainment or traditions involving animals. We ban events with animals. Or markets where animals are offered for sale.

We ban gambling on races with animals. Like dog racing and horse racing. We ban competitions and sports where animals are used or killed. Such as camel racing, dog racing, pigeon racing and angling. This also applies to competitions in which greyhounds chase live hares. We ban ways of training that are harmful to animals. As in horse racing.

Volt: Ban the reproduction and use of wild animals for entertainment, including use in circuses, for bullfighting and similar events, aquaria/dolphin centres and zoos, and support a transition period for institutions to adjust their activities and place wildlife used for entertainment in shelters.

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