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Tag Archives: bull festival

CAS reports death of bull after 15-meter fall

A bull died in after a serious fall in Ontinyent (Valencia, Spain) on April 29. The animal, named Vicioso, fell onto a riverbed during a bull festival. The depth of the fall was 15 meters. CAS and AnimaNaturalis filed charges against the organizers of the bull festival: the accident could have been prevented. Vicioso –…

Sanction for Catalan municipality after CAS report

A report filed by CAS International and AnimaNaturalis has resulted in a sanction for the municipality of l’Aldea (Catalonia, Spain). We filed a charge about the use of an animal that did not comply with the regulations on bull festivals (correbous) in the state. This is a serious violation of the law. At this moment…

Basque Country spends nearly 300,000 euros a year on bull festivals

CAS International and AnimaNaturalis announce that the Basque Country spends almost 300,000 euros a year on subsidies for bull festivals. This is the result of an in-depth study we are currently conducting into the 18,000 bull festivals in Spain. As a result of the research results, we ask the authorities of the Basque Country to…