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CAS reports death of bull after 15-meter fall


A bull died in after a serious fall in Ontinyent (Valencia, Spain) on April 29. The animal, named Vicioso, fell onto a riverbed during a bull festival. The depth of the fall was 15 meters. CAS and AnimaNaturalis filed charges against the organizers of the bull festival: the accident could have been prevented.

Screenshot video val van stier in Ontinyent

Vicioso – a bull of 580-kilogram – ran into a corner at high speed during the bull festival in Ontinyent. Instead of following the course of the street, he jumped over a wall from a height of half a meter, into the depths. After falling 15 meters, he was seriously injured. He broke his legs. The veterinarians who came to his aid could do nothing for him and decided to euthanize him.

Not safe

According to the regulations of bull festivals of the state of Valencia, one must respect the physical integrity of the animal. The route the bull had to take was not safe and could not guarantee the physical integrity of the animal. In addition, the organizers did not place fences along the route to prevent Vicioso from jumping over the wall. His death could have been prevented. Please note that the tweet below contains shocking images:

For this reason, CAS and AnimaNaturalis have filed charges with the Valencia Region’s Department of Justice, Interior and Administration. Keep an eye on our website for more news about our filing.

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