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Tag Archives: bull festivals

Dénia (Spain) halves events during notorious bull festival

An important step has been taken towards improving animal welfare in Spain. In Dénia, Valencia, the afternoon sessions of the cruel bull festival Bous a la Mar (bull to water) will be stopped. Fewer bulls are used during the ‘Festa Major’, of which Bous a la Mar is a part, and the municipality is taking…

Bull with burning horns collapses during Spanish medieval festival

At the controversial fire bull festival ‘Toro Jubilo’ in Medinaceli, Spain, a bull with burning horns collapsed as the animal could not properly support the wooden construction on its horns. CAS International and AnimaNaturalis filmed the event. The Medinaceli fire bull is one of bull festivals that evoke the most outrage nationally and internationally. On…

Number of bull festivals in Catalonia increases by 7 percent

The number of bull festivals in Catalonia has increased by seven percent compared to 2019. There were 29 more bull festivals in 2022, in total 469. From CAS International and AnimaNaturalis, we filed charges against the organizers of five festivals with bulls in 2022 for animal cruelty and non-compliance with the regulations on bull festivals….

CAS films cruel festival ‘Bull to the Sea’ (Bous a la Mar)

CAS International and AnimaNaturalis recently filmed the bull festival ‘Bull to de Sea’ (Bous a la Mar) in Spain. For the past two years, fewer bull festivals have taken place in the southern European country due to covid-19 restrictions. However, this year the bull festivals return without restrictions. Therefore, we can once again take new…

New images of fire bulls in Catalonia and Valencia, Spain

CAS International and AnimaNaturalis have recently filmed several cruel fire bull festivals in Catalonia and Valencia. In the past two years, there were fewer bull festivals in Spain because of the measures against Covid-19. However, this year the bull festivals return without restrictions. Therefore, we can make new images of these events and show them…

Protest against return of bull festivals after nearly 10 years in San Fernando de Henares

In the municipality of San Fernando de Henares, near the Spanish capital Madrid, the cruel bull festivals returned after almost 10 years of absence. CAS International and AnimaNaturalis protested against this. The mayor of San Fernando de Henares announced the return of the running of the bulls and recortadores this year. In the running of…