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Number of bull festivals in Catalonia increases by 7 percent


The number of bull festivals in Catalonia has increased by seven percent compared to 2019. There were 29 more bull festivals in 2022, in total 469. From CAS International and AnimaNaturalis, we filed charges against the organizers of five festivals with bulls in 2022 for animal cruelty and non-compliance with the regulations on bull festivals.


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After two years of restrictions due to the pandemic, bull festivals returned to Catalonia. In 2022, 469 events with  bulls were held over 190 days, during 49 festivals in 27 municipalities in Catalonia. From CAS and AnimaNaturalis, we filed charges against the organizers of bull festivals for which no authorization was issued and the multiple use of the same animal within 24 hours – in violation of regulations. We also filed charges for the collapse of animals due to exhaustion, the deployment of an unsuitable bull, the use of fireworks in the bullring at the time animals were present and the death of a fire bull just after the event.

More reports

In addition, 13 cases were initiated in connection to the violation of regulations on bull festivals. Private individuals, animal welfare organizations and/or veterinaries filed reports. Three cases have since been filed, seven are still pending and three resulted in sanction for serious violations.

New images of fire bulls in Catalonia and Valencia, Spain

850,000 euros in subsidies

CAS International and AnimaNaturalis are currently conducting an in-depth investigation into the 18,000 bull festivals that take place in Spain every year. With the information obtained, we conclude that Catalan municipalities put a total of 850,000 euros into cruel events involving bulls. 850,000 euros that are not used for things Catalan society currently needs, such as education or healthcare.

We will bring out more results from our research in the coming months. This is very important to be able to put an end to events with bulls. But we can only gather all this information with your help. We therefore ask you to help us with a donation so that we can complete our research. Become a sponsor or make a donation.