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Tag Archives: hunting

Investigation reveals cruelties in Spanish hunting with dogs

CAS International and AnimaNaturalis are bringing out cruelties of hunting with dogs in Spain. It specifically involves the so-called “monterías”, in which groups of dogs hunt, attack and kill large animals such as boar and deer. This activity is banned in most European countries. We conducted research during 11 monterías in Spain between 2021 and…

World Galgo Day: 50,000 hunting dogs await uncertain future in Spain

World Galgo Day (1 February) marks the end of hare hunting in Spain. It is the beginning of an uncertain future for many hunting dogs. They will then be dumped and/or killed en masse when they are no longer suitable for hunting. More than 50,000 galgos, podencos and other dogs are affected. Spanish legislation hardly…

Spain step closer to new animal protection law

Good news from Spain! The Council of Ministers has approved the preliminary draft of the new Animal Protection Law. It hardly distinguishes between dogs and hunting dogs, which means that galgos, podencos and other hunting dogs will be covered by the protection of the law. However, the bill may still change. Later in the year,…