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Tag Archives: bull fiestas

CAS presents results of investigation of cruel bull fiestas

During three years, CAS International and AnimaNaturalis conducted the largest research ever on cruel bull fiestas in Spain. At least 42 million of public money is spent annually by 1820 municipalities to hold bull festivals. In total, nearly 18,000 popular festivals involving bulls, cows and calves take place every year. 22% Spanish municipalities The research…

Summer full of animal suffering during Spanish fiestas

During the summer months, most bull fiestas take place in Spain. For the used bulls, cows and calves, this means an exhausting summer full of stress and suffering. For example, a bull drowned in the sea during a bull festival in Dénia. In Morella, a bull collided with a wooden installation and then became unconscious….

Bull drowns during bull festival in Dénia, Spain

During the Bous a la Mar-festival in Dénia, Valencia, a bull drowned. At this bull festival, bulls are forced to jump into the sea – animals that are not used to swim. CAS International and AnimaNaturalis documented the Bous a la Mar bull festival in Dénia last July 8. Unfortunately, this event involving bulls is…