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CAS in documentary on bullfighting by Insider


US news platform Insider News has released a documentary on bullfighting featuring CAS International. In the documentary, our director Maite van Gerwen talks about our rescued fire bull Polvorín.


CAS in documentary on bullfighting by Insider | Picture: Screenshot documentary Insider

Insider News interviewed CAS last December about bullfighting and our adoption bulls and cows. During the interview, we informed Insider about, among other things, what bullfighting entails and the physical and mental damage it causes to the bull. We also talked about the bulls and cows that have been rescued from bullfighting and can be adopted through CAS. Beautiful footage of our adoption bull Polvorín can be seen in the documentary.

Origin of adoption animals

However, Insider has given incorrect information about the origin of our bulls. They claim that we buy the animals from breeders, but this is not the case. Our adoption bulls have been rescued in different ways. For example, Polvorín was saved from slaughter after a cruel fiesta with fire bulls, as animal protectors begged to leave him alive. Some of our cows and bulls have ended up in shelters due to seizures after neglect, abuse or other reasons that put their welfare at risk.

It is very nice that we had the opportunity from CAS to share Polvorín’s story and provide information about bullfighting. Millions of Americans follow Insider via Youtube and other social media channels. Unfortunately, most Americans do not know what a bullfight entails. Thanks to our story, Insider News followers now know that bullfighting and bull festivals are cruel and that bulls are killed. Also very nice is that the documentary ends with our message to bullfighters: choose a sport or art that does not cause animal suffering, have compassion for animals.

Watch Insider News’ documentary here (no bloody footage is shown):

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