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Bullfighting suspended in Guadalajara, Mexico


A judge in the Mexican city of Guadalajara has suspended bullfighting indefinitely. This has happened as a result of a charge filed by CAS International and AnimaNaturalis Mexico. The charge states, among other things, that bullfighting violates the right to a healthy environment. Justice will now look into the case. Until then, no bullfights will take place in the capital of the state of Jalisco.

Bullfighting suspended in Guadalajara, Mexico | © AnimaNaturalis


From CAS and AnimaNaturalis, we filed a charge on several points. First, because bullfighting violates Article 4 of the Mexican constitution: people have the right to a healthy environment. We believe that bullfighting has a negative impact on this. Secondly, in the state of Jalisco, there is no exception in the animal protection law for bullfighting. This means that the law should also be applied to animals used in cruel events. Bullfighting and cockfighting are exempted as crimes in the state penal code in Jalisco, but this does not automatically imply that animal welfare laws allow them.Third, it is prohibited to cause injury to or harm animals during animal slaughter, according to Mexican regulation NOM033-SAGZOO-2014. Moreover, the federal Animal Health Law states that animals may only be slaughtered when there is suffering following an accident, illness, disability or extreme old age.

While the lawsuit is pending, no permits may be issued to hold bullfights at the Jalisco Plaza Nuevo Progeso bullring, the second largest in Mexico. It now remains to be seen how the judiciary will rule. It could be months before there is a verdict.

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