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Fine of 600 euros for mistreating galgos in Spain


In Spain a man has been sentenced for mistreating nine hunting dogs. CAS International and AnimaNaturalis reported this case of animal maltreatment. The man was fined 600 euros and banned from owning dogs for a year. Fortunately, the dogs were rescued and will soon be taken care of by a rescue centre. A new home will be found for these animals.

© Guardia Civil

At the end of March 2021, agents of the Spanish Guardia Civil police unit made a shocking discovery during a routine check. They heard the barking and howling of several dogs in an industrial property. Here they found nine dogs, namely six galgos, one bodeguero (a terrier-like dog) and two more dogs of an undetermined dog breed. In addition, the dogs were in deplorable conditions, lacking the minimal basic conditions of hygiene or animal welfare. Finally, the dogs showed signs of starvation. As a result, they were emaciated. Furthermore, the animals had no access to water or food. As a result of this discovery, we filed a report against the owner of the dogs: a man from the municipality of Puebla de la Calzada, Badajoz, Extremadura.

Court case

Last week the trial took place in Spain. The man was convicted of animal cruelty and will receive a fine of 600 euros. He also has to pay the legal costs. Furthermore, he will be banned for one year from practicing a profession related to animals. Most important of all is that the dogs are doing well, they will soon be taken care of by a rescue centre until a new home has finally been found for them.

Marius Kolff, Director of CAS:

“It is very important that culprits of animal abuse are convicted. Not only as a signal to the perpetrators that they cannot get away with everything, but also to set precedents and to push the legal boundaries of what is possible under the law.”

We are currently awaiting the court cases of yet other cases of animal cruelty involving hunting dogs. In short, as soon as the ruling is known, we will share it with you!

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