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Urgent action needed to ban bullfighting in Colombia



Would you like bullfighting to be banned in Colombia? Well, it has never been closer. It’s time to come together and TAKE ACTION.

Tuesday, November 21st is crucial: the anti-bullfighting bill will be debated for the third time, and they are on the verge of achieving a historic breakthrough! After this, only one last debate (the plenary debate in the Chamber) is needed to turn it into law.

If we achieve the prohibition of bullfighting in Colombia, we could trigger a domino effect in Latin America, further cornering bullfighting in Spain.

Bullfighting supporters have tried to block the bill with tricks, but now we need the strength of all anti-bullfighting advocates worldwide!

How can you help?

We have attached a list of congress members (called representatives in Colombia). Write to them on Twitter, Instagram, or by email urging them to pass the law!  Link to the list!

If you have an association or organization, please add it at the end of the following document. Link to the document.

At this crucial moment, every action counts. Join us to deliver a fatal blow to bullfighting!