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Supreme Court of Spain: bullfighter’s work is not a work of art

Supreme Court of Spain: bullfighter's work is not a work of art

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The Supreme Court in Spain has determined that the work of a bullfighter cannot be considered a work of art or an artistic creation. CAS International is very glad with this statement. We believe that torturing a bull to death should never be seen as a work of art, art or any form of artistic creation.

It all started with bullfighter Miguel Ángel Perea. In June 2014 he killed bull Curioso during a bullfight. Perea wanted this action – what he considers as an artistic creation – to be registered in the register of intellectual property. His request was rejected by the Register of Intellectual Property in Extremadura. Perea then went to court and defended his case stating that bullfighting is art, and that the work of the bullfighter is equivalent to an artistic manifestation and a work of art.

Not an artistic creation

However, the judge decided that a bullfighter’s work lacks the condition of artistic creation, so it cannot be protected as intellectual property. The Supreme Court determined on the appeal that the bullfighter’s activities -from the time the bull enters the bullring until the time of his death – cannot be considered a work that is the subject of intellectual property. This is because it is not possible to accurately and objectively identify whether the bullfight is the result of an original artistic creation of the bullfighter.

Good news! Torturing an animal to death can never be seen as an artistic creation, art or work of art. Bullfighting lovers always defend themselves by stating that the killing of bulls is art or an artistic creation, and use this idea to either subsidize or protect bullfighting from a ban. The idea that bullfighting is not a work of art was unthinkable twenty years ago, when bullfighters were invited to television programs as if it were national pride. Nowadays they are increasingly kept out, because their work arouses discomfort, shame and anger in the spectator.


This is because Spanish society is changing. For more than 25 years, we, together with our sister organizations, have been informing people about the atrocities of bullfighting. During these years we have seen how the opinion of the Spaniards certainly changed. And we will continue our fight until no more bulls and horses suffer in the bullring or at cruel feasts with bulls. Please continue to support our work so that we can achieve this great goal! Become a sponsor or make a donation.