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Stop the cruel blood feasts with bulls in Spain


Stop the cruel blood feasts with bulls in Spain
CAS International and AnimaNaturalis started a campaign to stop the cruel blood fiestas in Spain. We are conducting the largest and deepest investigation of the more than 18,000 cruel fiestas with animals that year after year are held in Spain, and that unfortunately are increasing. We want to expose the abuse that thousands of towns hide in their festivities and traditions.

Ranchers see the future of bullfighting in danger, increasingly less supported by the society, and see a growing business in popular festivities with bulls. We want to ban all those blood fiestas.

The problem

Popular festivities with bulls are a form of cruelty and violence. During the local fetivities in Spain, bulls are immobilized, tied up and pulled with ropes, assaulted, forced to run, thrown into the sea and litted up with torches attached to their horns. The animals fall, bleed, are under extreme distress and sometimes death.

The most cruel form of celebration is when the balls impregnated with a flammable substance are attached on their horns and lit up on fire so the bulls run desperately.

The consequences

Having fun at the expense of the bulls puts their life at risk. Deaths from brutal blows, heart attacks, eye burns, anguish and fear of fire. In addition to carrying physical and psychological injuries, a large number of these animals are sent directly to the slaughterhouse on that same night. These are the consequences of this cruel celebration:

  • Risk of death
  • Breaks and injuries
  • Burns
  • Psychological suffering

Please sign our petition to end all cruel traditions with animals in Spain.