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Public health at risk during bullfights in Spain

Public health at risk during bullfights in Spain

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CAS International and AnimaNaturalis have filed a charge in the Spanish region of Toledo and the municipality of Esquivias against the organisors of a bullfight for not following the measures to avoid the spreading of the coronavirus. Public health has been endangered during this bullfight.

The bullfight took place on August 21 in Esquivias. During the bullfight, the rules for preventing the spread of Covid-19, such as keeping a distance of 1.5 meters, wearing face masks and the maximum number of people allowed per event, were not respected. The organizers of the event permitted the bullfight to continue under these conditions, endangering public health.

During the event, the bullfighters cut off the ears of the killed bulls and threw these at the audience. First they kissed the ears – many bullfighters do so after a bullfight. In addition, the audience was throwing objects into the bullring, which were then thrown back. At no time has the organization issued a warning that this is prohibited. Some persons were also smoking, eating and drinking, leaving the face mask hanging. Moreover, the distance of 1.5 meters between people was not respected. We have made pictures of these events.

We would have preferred to sue the organizers for torturing and killing the bulls. Unfortunately, this is legal under Spanish law. With our charge we want to ensure that the organizers are sanctioned. Unfortunately, in more bullfights in Spain the COVID-19 measures have not respected. We ask the authorities not to succumb to the pressure of the bullfighting sector. All cultural sectors must adhere to the corona rules, why should they not also apply to bullfighting? The bullfighting industry has been given many privileges over the past decades, which is not good for animals and humans. And what they keep getting away with. This must end now.

CAS International helped finance the shooting of the bullfight. Images of the bullfight not only support our charge, but we also bring to light the cruelties that took place during the bullfight. You can see the video here (note: shocking images).

Campaign against subsidies

CAS and AnimaNaturalis have set up a campaign in which a letter can be sent to the Spanish government requesting not to give any financial compensations to the bullfighting sector. Currently, more than 174,000 people have sent the letter. Click here to also send a letter to the Spanish government.

Help us so we can continue to publish footage of bullfights. This keeps the world informed of what is happening within the bullrings and it help us to file charges for irregularities that happens during the bullfights. Become a sponsor or make a donation.