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Protests against bullfighting in Valencia and Logroño

Protests against bullfighting in Valencia and Logroño

@Roland Bos

In the weekend of 12 and 13 September, CAS International and AnimaNaturalis organized two protests in the Spanish cities of Valencia and Logroño. During these protests, we asked the government to not provide financial support to the bullfighting sector. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, most bullfights planned in 2020 have been canceled, and the sector is demanding financial compensation. In addition, we want the cruel bullfights to be banned and to not return to Spain after corona.

Marius Kolff, director of CAS International:

“Both my colleague Estefanía and I would have attended these demonstrations if there would not be any corona restrictions. Fortunately, we work together with AnimaNaturalis and were therefore represented in Valencia and Logroño.”

Earlier this summer, we also protested in Málaga, Madrid and Alicante. Although bullfights ultimately did not take place in these cities due to the measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we felt it was necessary to protest. Because the bullfights have been canceled, but not prohibited. And the bullfighting sector is asking for financial help. They even protested at the Ministry of Employment (and destroyed the minister’s car). We continue to ask the Spanish Government, always politely and peacefully, not to provide financial compensation to this bloody sector. The money they ask for can be better used on healthcare. Thanks to the pressure we are exerting, no support has been given to the bullfighting sector so far.

Furthermore, only 8% of Spaniards go to bullfighting. This means that 92% of the population does not pay for bullfights, but does contribute to the maintenance of bullfighting through their tax money. This sector receives millions of euros in subsidies every year.

CAS and AnimaNaturalis have set up a campaign: you can send a letter to the Spanish government asking not to save the bullfighting sector. Currently, more than 170,000 people have sent the letter. Click here to also send a letter to the Spanish government.

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