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Protest against bullfighting in Madrid

Protest against bullfighting in Madrid

On Sunday May 27, CAS International will protest against bullfightng in the Spanish capital of Madrid. The protest ‘Tauromaquia es Violencia’ (Bullfighting is Violence) is part of a campaign of 10 organizations, among others CAS. Its main object is to end all types of events with bulls. We have united our efforts and will hold a big protest starting at 11:00 hrs. The starting location is Puerta del Sol, Madrid.

On May 8 the festival called Feria de isidro started in Madrid, a city festival with animal abuse. 27 bullfights, 2 novilladas (bullfights with young bulls) and 4 rejones (bullfights where the bullfighter fights the bull from a horse) will take place. At least 204 animals will be killed. In 2016, 20,000 bovid were killed in Spain, including 1,598 bulls during bullfights and 17,073 animals in the cruel town feasts. Bullfighting is violence, there is no doubt about it.

Raise your voice for these animals on May 27 in Madrid. We no longer tolerate this animal abuse and it subsidizing.