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Protest against bullfighting in Logroño, Spain

Protest against bullfighting in Logroño, Spain

© AnimaNaturalis/CAS International

CAS International and AnimaNaturalis protested against bullfighting in the Spanish city of Logroño on Saturday, April 3. During this protest we asked the government not to give any financial support to the bullfighting sector. According to our research, cruel events with bulls are subsidized with 900,000 euros annually in the autonomous region of La Rioja. In addition, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, many bullfights have been cancelled, and the sector is demanding financial compensations. We ask the authorities not to give more money to this bloody sector.

We chose Logroño as the location of our protest because it is the capital of La Rioja. From CAS and AnimaNaturalis, we are currently conducting an in-depth study of the 18,000 feasts with bulls in Spain. As a consequence of the research results, we ask the authorities of La Rioja to not spend this money on feasts with bulls but on matters that society needs, such as better health care.

With the results of this research we will gain insight into how much money each municipality in Spain spends per fiesta. La Rioja and Catalonia are the first two autonomous regions studied. With the information obtained, we conclude that Catalonia puts a total of 850,000 euros into cruel bull festivals and La Rioja 900,000 euros. Regarding La Rioja, we obtained information on what is budgeted for things like breeding of fighting bulls, insurances, veterinary services, infrastructure and paying employees of the bullfighting sector. The information comes from 29 municipalities that together spend at least 833,243 euros on bullfights. We have not yet received information from four municipalities, but we conclude that the total amount comes close to 900,000 euros.

We continue to ask the Spanish authorities, always politely and peacefully, to not give any financial compensation to this bloody sector. The money they ask for would be better spent on health care. Furthermore, only 8% of Spaniards go to bullfighting. This means that 92% of the population does not go to bullfighting, but contributes to its preservation through their taxes. This sector receives millions of euros annually in subsidies.

We continue to put pressure on the Spanish government. In the coming months, we will protest in even more Spanish cities – when the Spanish corona measures allow it. Keep an eye on our website for more news.

Our research, the largest ever conducted in Spain, is of great importance in putting an end to these cruel feasts with bulls. But we can only gather all this information with your help. Support us so we can continue our impactful investigation! Become a sponsor or make a donation.