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Protest against 37 million euros subsidies for cruel bull festivities in Valencia

Protest against 37 million euros subsidies for cruel bull festivities in Valencia

© AnimaNaturalis/CAS International

CAS International and AnimaNaturalis protested on 13 June against the 37 million euros of subsidies that the municipalities of the autonomous community of Valencia spend into cruel bull festivities every year. We asked the local authorities to use this money for health care or strengthening the cultural sector.

CAS and AnimaNaturalis are currently conducting an in-depth study of the 18,000 bull festivals in Spain. This research showed that the Valencia bull festivities are subsidised with 37 million euros every year. To date, this is the highest subsidy amount that our research has revealed. A few months ago, we published the results of the autonomous regions of La Rioja and Catalonia. With the information obtained, we came to the conclusion that Catalonia spends a total of 850,000 euros on cruel bull festivals and La Rioja 900,000 euros.

Valencia is divided into three provinces. In Castellón, 19.5 million euros of public money were spent on bull festivals; in Valencia and Alicante, 13.6 and 3.6 million euros respectively. Valencia is the region in Spain where most bull festivals are held. Think of events like the fire bull or bous a la mar, where a bull is forced to jump into the sea. Sometimes the animals drown in the sea. In our campaign against the cruel festivals in Spain, we fight for the end of these events with bulls.

We keep asking the Spanish authorities, always politely and peacefully, not to give subsidies to this bloody industry. This public money would be better spent on health care. According to our calculations, with EUR 37 million, Valencia can pay for: 1,230 ICU beds; 1,394 respirators; the annual salaries of 410 doctors and 820 nurses; 967,600 tests for corona and 19,147000 face masks. But the money is also badly needed in other areas: think of the strengthening of the cultural sector, education, helping families who have been financially hit by the corona crisis, etc.

We continue to put pressure on the authorities. In the coming months, we will protest in even more Spanish cities – when the Spanish corona measures allow it. Keep an eye on our website for more news. We will also publish new results of our in-depth research.

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