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Our rescue cow Margarita in The Guardian

© El Hogar Animal Sanctuary

© El Hogar Animal Sanctuary

The respected British newspaper The Guardian published an article about the rescue of animals by Spanish rescue centres. This concerns animals destined for exploitation for meat, dairy and other purposes. Animals from the bullfighting industry are also discussed, through the story of cow Margarita. She can be adopted via CAS International.

The Guardian reports, among other things, on the rescue of Margarita. A story that made the Spanish media, because of the legal battle related to her rescue. Eventually her story made the legislation of the autonomous region of Catalonia change, in favour of the animals. Read the article of The Guardian here.

Would you like to adopt Margarita? You can! By supporting her monthly, you contribute to a bright future for Margarita, and at the same time you help us in our fight against bullfighting. Read Margarita’s impressive story here.

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