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No running of the bulls in Pamplona for second year in a row

© CAS International

© CAS International

The running of the bulls in Pamplona always starts on 7 July, but this week the streets remain empty. Due to Covid-19, the running of the bulls in Pamplona has been cancelled for second year in a row. The bullfighting sector has been hit hard by corona. Since the start of the pandemic in Spain, France and Portugal, most bullfights and cruel bull festivals have been cancelled. As a result, twenty percent of Andalusian breeders of fighting bulls have gone bankrupt. A sector already weakened by our fight to stop bullfighting.

Although the measures against corona have been relaxed in Spain and some bullfights have already taken place, the bloody spectacles in Pamplona will not take place this year. The cruel street feasts with bulls are currently not permitted because it is not possible to keep 1.5 metres distance in this kind of mass events.

Running of the bulls Pamplona

From CAS International we are relieved that no bulls will be chased through the streets of Pamplona this year. Also, the won’t die a cruel death in the bullring later that day. For years we have been fighting against the running of the bulls of San Fermin. In 2019 we traveled to Pamplona where we protested and filmed a cruel event that takes place immediately after the run. In previous years we have protested in The Netherlands too.

Cruel feasts with bulls

CAS International and AnimaNaturalis are working in a joint campaign that aims to end the cruel feasts with bulls in Spain. We are currently conducting the largest and deepest investigation ever into the more than 18,000 bull feasts that take place in Spain every year. We want to bring to light the animal suffering that takes place in festivals and traditions in thousands of villages. We will continue this campaign during the corona crisis. We can’t film at bull festivals right now. During this period we continue working out all the information we’ve collected so far for this campaign. Crucial information that is needed to stop bullfights and Pamplona’s bull runs in the future. We have already finished the results of three autonomous regions: Comunidad ValencianaCatalonia and La Rioja. We will publish more research results soon.

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