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No more bullfights in A Coruña

No more bullfights in A Coruña

Lobby at Parliament of Galicia © CAS International

CAS International congratulates Galicia, Mellor Sen Touradas (GMST – Galicia Better Without Bullfights) with the success gained in the city of A Coruña, Galicia, Spain. Thanks to the intensive lobby work by GMST, bullfights have been banned from A Coruña. From the beginning in 2008 CAS International has been part of this campaign (since 2013 CAS no longer took part in the project).

From the start, CAS International participated in this project, together with the Spanish NGO Libera! and the British League Against Cruel Sports. Rubén Perez Suarez, the volunteer of Libera! who was our contact person in A Coruña and the engine behind this project, was commissioned by Fondation Franz Weber, giving the organization of the project a totally different form. The requests that were made within the new setup were not financially feasible for CAS. This was the reason why we no longer were able to participate in this project. Over five years, until 2013, CAS has invested €60,000 in this project, not counting the time in FTE’s of the employees of CAS. More reason for CAS to be very glad that now finally the end of bullfighting in Galicia has begun.