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France: Mercedes Benz stops all financial support for bullfighting


Good news from France. The French branch of Mercedes Benz has decided to distance itself from the bloody bullfights. This is a very important step in our fight against bullfighting, because this cruel sector is more and more dependent on subsidies and sponsoring from companies in order to survive. Due to the declining interest from the public for years now, the sector is no longer lucrative.

Mercedes Benz

Logo Mercedes Benz © Pixabay

Mercedes Benz refuses to be associated with bullfighting in the future. The company stops all financial support to this sector. This happened because of the openly sponsoring of bullfighting. An agency of Mercedes in the south of France had sponsored several novilladas (bullfights with 2-3 year old bulls), especially in the cities Bouillargues and Béziers. During these events, a car, a banner and Mercedes Benz logos were displayed to the public.


Our French colleagues contacted Mercedes Benz after the sponsoring of the novilladas. After many months of conversations, the world famous car brand took the necessary steps to stop the financial support. As a result, the company has become aware of the negative effect that such partnerships can have.

More and more companies refuse to sponsor events where animals are mistreated. Finally, more than 80 percent of the French population rejects such cruel events. In September, we published the news that several large French companies and banks decided to distance themselves from the bloody bullfights: Novotel, Banque de Suez and Crédit Agricole, among others, took this important step. Read more about the companies that withdrew their support from the bullfighting sector in 2021.

We would like to thank our French colleagues for their efforts to make French companies aware of the animal suffering during bullfights. In particular, we thank Sabrina Djordjievska (Cazarrata), Dominique Arizmendi (No Corrida) and Philippe Bricault. They are our colleagues in the International Network Against Bullfighting.

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