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More than 50 bulls killed in Pamplona

More than 50 bulls killed in Pamplona

The San Fermin festivities in the Spanish city of Pamplona end this year with at least 54 dead bulls that were killed during cruel bullfights. For 8 days, runs with bulls (6 daily) were held in Pamplona. The bulls were killed in the evening. In total, 48 bulls started their last day with a lot of stress, running through a screaming mass of people. 48 bulls that were waiting for their death.

During the festivities in Pamplona bullfights are held daily. This year 54 bulls were killed during a bullfight. On the first day a rejoneo took place, a bullfight with adult bulls that are being fought from horse back. The horses get injured regularly during this type of bullfights.

The bulls that die in Pamplona are not the only animals used. Imagine the horses at the bullfights, they are exposed to a lot of stress. Think of the oxes that run with the bulls every morning. And after every run, the public can enjoy themselves with young cows in the arena, which is very stressful for the cows.

European Subsidies
With European agricultural subsidies, 60 bulls have been bred to be used in bullfights during the San Fermín feasts in Pamplona. It is estimated that the bullfighting sector annually receives 629 million euro from public funding. 130 million comes from European agricultural subsidies.

Every year thousands of tourists from Spain, but also from other countries like the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, etc, travel to Pamplona to join the runs. Unfortunately, many tourists do not know that the bulls are to be killed. CAS asks tourists not to go to the bullruns of Pamplona and not to support and sustain bullfighting. CAS international protested against the bullruns in Amsterdam the day before the running of the bulls started.

17,800 feasts with animals 
The cruel festivities in Pamplona have ended now, but they are only one of the 17,800 cruel festivities with bulls that take place in Spain every year. Pamplona is the best known festivity with bulls in Spain, and it gets a lot of coverage in the media. Every day we can read messages of people that got wounded during the runs. Or about the sexual violence that took place in Pamplona. But very little has been written about the fate of the bulls. Pamplona is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much work to do, for this reason CAS goes on to put an end to all this animal suffering.

We continue with our struggle. The mayor of Pamplona recently said that he pictures the San Fermin festivities without bullfights. Unfortunately, the running of the bulls would continue. We go on until this is over. At the end of May we organized, together with Spanish organizations, a huge protest in Spain against bullfighting. More than 40,000 people joined our protest. And last year we achieved a great success: for three years we have been working with AnimaNaturalis and other organizations to prohibit the traditional bullfights in the Balearic Isands. And now they are forbidden. Now, more than ever, we need your help to continue with our struggle and to prohibit bullfighting in Spain and all other bullfighting countries.

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