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Michoacan prohibits entrance of children to bullfights

Michoacan prohibits entrance of children to bullfights

Kinderen gaan naar stierengevecht © CAS International

The Mexican state of Michoacán prohibited the entrance of minors under 15 years to events with bulls, like bullfights. Entrance to cockfights and dogfights have also been forbidden. This is the result of an initiative to change the law in Michoacán concerning the rights of minors. Deputy José Daniel Moncada Sánchez of the political party Movimiento Ciudadano, presented a motion together with foundation Movimiento Conscienciaand with support of organizations including CAS International and the International Network against Bullfighting. At this point, children of all ages are allowed to visit a bullfight in Mexico.

In December of 2015, the state of Veracruz prohibited the entrance of children to events with bulls. Veracruz was the first Mexican state to take this step. Michoacán is now the second state to make such a decision. In June of 2015, the Committee of the Rights of the Children of the United Nations requested Mexico to keep children away of the violence of bullfights. Now Michoacán has reacted properly on this request.

CAS International is very glad with this important step. We hope that soon more states in Mexico and in all bullfighting countries will forbid the entrance of children to events that feature violence against animals.According to several scientists, witnessing a bullfight can lead to negative psychological effects on children. It can result in a trauma, as well as the weakening of the moral judgment and empathy. Another consequence is that children become accustomed to violence and can react apathetic when confronted with a violent incident. Violence leads to more violence, it is very important that children grow up free of violence to be able to create a peaceful society.