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La Rioja spends 900,000 euros a year on feasts with bulls


La Rioja spends 900,000 euros a year on feasts with bulls

CAS International and AnimaNaturalis announce that the Spanish autonomous region of La Rioja spends 900,000 euros annually on subsidies for cruel events with bulls. This information has been obtained thanks to an in-depth investigation we are currently conducting of the 18,000 cruel feasts with bulls in Spain. As a result of the research results, we ask the authorities of La Rioja not to spend this money on festivities with bulls but on issues that are very much needed by society, such as better healthcare.

With the results of our investigation, we will gain insight into how much money each municipality in Spain spends per event with bulls. La Rioja and Catalonia are the first two autonomous regions examined. With the obtained information, we come to the conclusion that Catalonia invests a total of 850,000 euros in cruel bull feasts and La Rioja 900,000 euros. With regard to La Rioja, we have been given information on what is budgeted for the breeding of fighting bulls, insurances, veterinary services, infrastructure and the payment of employees of the bullfighting sector. The information comes from 29 municipalities who together spend at least 833,243 euros for events with bulls. We have not yet received any information from four municipalities, but we conclude that the total amount is around 900,000 euros.

According to our research, the municipality of Aldeanueva del Ebro spent the most money on bull feasts in 2019: 107,215 euros for 21 bull events in various festivities and neighbourhoods. This includes 5 events that took place in a bullring and 16 bull runs. The second municipality is Alfaro, which spent 102,329 euros for 34 feasts with bulls. The expenses of the municipality of Santo Domingo de la Calzada were striking: 14,980 euros for only 2 feasts with bulls.

We want this money to be used for health care, to combat unemployment, to support vulnerable families who have suffered even more during the pandemic. But we also want the essential, cultural practices and expressions of La Rioja – that are free of animal suffering – to be strengthened and to be able to count on economic support.

According to our calculations, the municipalities of La Rioja can finance these urgent needs with 900,000 euros: 30 ICU beds, 34 respirators, the annual salary of 10 doctors and 20 nurses; 23,600 corona tests and 467,000 surgical masks.

Our research, the largest ever conducted in Spain, is of great importance in putting an end to these cruel feasts with bulls. But we can only gather all this information with your help. Support us so we can continue our impactful investigation! Become a sponsor or make a donation.