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Gijón puts an end to bullfights

Gijón puts an end to bullfights

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The El Bibio bullring in Gijón will no longer be used for spectacles in which animals are mistreated and killed. The city council is not renewing the license to hold bullfights in El Bibio.

The mayor Ana González, of the socialist party PSOE, has stated that the intention was to let continue the terms of the permit for holding bullfights in El Bibio. Then  it would not be renewed. However, the permit is now being stopped earlier. Therefore, Gijón will not allow a third extension of the license signed in 2016, nor will it issue a new tender, despite the fact that the licence-holder pays 50,000 euros per year. The secretary of the Organization of the Asturian Socialist Federation (FSA), Gimena Llamedo, believes that the mayor is making a wise decision. She added that this decision is in line with the positions of the Asturian socialists.  At the last congress of the FSA-PSOE it was decided that the socialists in Asturias will no longer support the torture of animals for entertainment.

The mayor also believes that bullfighting adds little to the city of Gijón. In recent years the call for the end of bullfighting in Gijón has become louder and louder. By not renewing the license, the demand of society is met. She also says that the opinions of bullfighting lovers have been listened to for years. Now the rest of society must also be heard.

Feminist and Nigerian

In the last bullfight on August 15, two bulls were used with the names “Feminista” and “Nigeriano”. This unleashed a controversy among the residents of Gijón. “A city that believes in gender equality, that believes in integration, in open doors for all, cannot allow this kind of thing,” the mayor said. According to Ana González, the organizers crossed several boundaries, resulting in the decision not to renew the permit.

CAS International applauds the decision of this courageous mayor. The end of bullfighting in Gijón also implies its end in the state of Asturias. In Spain, state governments are not allowed to ban bullfighting because the constitution does not allow it. But they can actively keep them out of their municipalities. With the wise decision of this mayor, Asturias is now bullfight free. Marius Kolff, director of CAS:

“Ana Gónzález joins with her decision the ranks of courageous mayors who have successfully or unsuccessfully banned bullfighting. I only mention places like Viana do Castelo (Portugal), Teocelo (Mexico), Bogotá and Medellín (Colombia) and many others. With her decision, she looks ahead to a more peaceful and greener future.”

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