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Fire bull Valencia remains banned for third year in a row

Fire bull Valencia remains banned for third year in a row

The city council of the Spanish city of Valencia recently decided to maintain the ban on two cruel feasts with bulls. This happened as a result of attempts by the conservative political party Partido Popular (PP) to lift the ban by means of a motion. These feasts are toro embolado (fire bull) and toro en corda (a bull is tied to a rope on the street). The municipal council considers these two events as a serious form of animal abuse. Since june 2016 it is not allowed to organize such events in Valencia.

The city councillors who support the bull festivals believe that the city council of Valencia doesn’t show respect for the fact that the state of Comunidad Valenciana has legislation that allows such cruel events. They complain about the fact that feast with bulls take place in other municipalities near Valencia and no longer in the city. During the debate in the city council it was said among other things that such spectacles are ‘bullying’ to the animals, that society has an inclination towards other forms of entertainment and that traditions cannot justify animal suffering.

Since 2016 it is forbidden to subsidize events with bulls, just like bullfighting schools. These decisions remain in force. Unfortunately, these measures have no effect on the bullfights themselves, they just continue.

In the end, the PP did not receive any support from other political parties on its motion to let the bull festivals return to Valencia.

17,800 cruel feasts with animals
It is a good thing that in Valencia such cruel feasts with bulls are not allowed. In Spain more than 17,800 events with bulls took place in 2017, and unfortunately this number continues to rise annually. The suffering of bulls continue unabated and CAS International will continue the struggle to put an end to bullfighting and bloody fiestas with bulls.

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