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End of bull of fire in Algemesi, Spain

End of bull of fire in Algemesi, Spain

Bull of fire © PACMA

The Spanish municipality of Algemesi will no longer organize the cruel event bull of fire. During this event the horns of the bull are covered with an inflammable substance and put on fire. Then, the bull is unleashed with ‘burning horns’ and chased by the public. The event will end now that the flow of municipal subsidies stops. CAS International is very happy with this decision. In September 2016 we asked our followers through our website to send an e-mail to the municipality of Algemesi and to ask them to end the suffering of bulls. We also supported several initiatives from Spain to convince the city council. The cruel events with bulls in Algemesi are very controversial in Spain.

Running of the bulls 
In 2015 the becerradas, bullfights with bulls younger than 2 years old, were abolished in Algemesi. The Spanish municipality takes steps forward but there is still a lot of work to be done here: the running of the bulls will still be held and subsidized by the municipality. There are also bullfights in Algemesi. In September novilladas (bullfights with bulls between 2 and 3 years old) are held. Since 30 years it is a tradition to take the slain bulls to the street next to the bullring. There the bull will be lifted up and moved into a truck. Before the bull is lifted up, however, children entertain themselves with him, for example spraying him with fake snow.

The United Nations have asked Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, France and Peru to keep children away from the violence of bullfighting and to change their laws related to this subject. It is a matter of time before Spain receives such a request. Despite the fact that the UN has approached several bullfighting countries, and its declaration about the mental and physical violence that is related to bullfighting, Spain continues to allow children attendance to bullfights and dead bulls.

Please keep an eye on our website, this year we will ask for your support to keep putting pressure on Algemesi so no more bulls are used for entertainment in this Spanish town.

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