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Cruelty bull runs Pamplona exposed

Cruelty bull runs Pamplona exposed

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With a video of extreme cruelty, the campaign seeks to inform about the internationally unknown fact that the bulls that participate in the bull run after later tortured and killed in the bullring.

Animal Guardians and the Platform Torture Is Not Culture (Spain) of which CAS International is part of, launch a campaign that shows the terrible agony that the animals that participate in Pamplona’s running of the bulls in the morning suffer in the bullring in the afternoon. Watch the video here (it contains very shocking images). Please share and write to the town hall of Pamplona (pamplona@pamplona.es) to stop the cruel bullfights.

The video unmistakably reveals the harshness of the fate of these bulls of which many are unaware, especially outside Spain. With close shots of the animals in the ring, their slow agony is revealed, with very harsh images, like those of the tears that sprout from their eyes, how they jump at the stinging pain of the banderillas, a thrust in which the end of the sword emerges from one of the sides of the animal’s abdomen, bloody coup the grace with a knife that seem never to end or bulls with wild eyes vomiting blood.


The organizations ask the citizens not to participate in these cruel spectacles and write to the municipality of Pamplona to eliminate the bullfights during the San Fermín festivities.

The campaign has been translated into English, French, Dutch, Italian and German and will be launched internationally with the collaboration of local organizations that will be responsible for their dissemination in their countries. In a first phase will be launched in France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom and the United States and other countries will come later.

“You cannot build a society of peace, free of violence, without first eliminating public spectacles that include blood and death. We have already seen how violence calls for violence in previous years with an atrocious group raping taking place during these festivities. This year, in only 3 days, 6 complaints of sexual abuse have been received. This is a consequence of “anything goes” in which machismo, blood, alcohol and death are the general tone. Nothing to be proud of as Spaniards. That is why we ask that at least the bloodiest part of bullfighting be eliminated in Pamplona”- says Marta Esteban, international director of Animal Guardians.

“The bulls not only suffer the stress and injuries of the run, but afterwards they are tortured in a terrible way in the ring. The world must know this black aspect of the festivities of San Fermín. Therefore, we ask citizens from around the world not to participate and mobilize in aid of these animals, let’s not leave them alone, and ask the Pamplona City Council to eliminate bullfighting after the run.”

Marius Kolff, director of CAS International: “The running of the bulls, the horrible waiting in the arena, all amidst drunken youngsters, and the bullfights that cruelly kill the bulls in the afternoon all constitute a terrible contempt of respect for living creatures on our planet. The violence also leads to brutal acts towards women in the streets. Let’s end this ridiculous theatre of horror. It must end!”

Roger Lahana de No Corrida, collaborating organization of this campaign in France states: “We want the French people to know what happens to bulls after the run, because they do not know. Many tourists come to the bullring after the runs and leave it disgusted. They did not know this aspect of San Fermin and we ask them not to be accomplices of it “.

Laura Moretti from Animal Voice in the United States adds: “Pamplona’s runs are quite popular here, due to Hemingway’s novels, but Americans must know what happens to the bulls afterwards and that participating in them is fostering bullfights in Spain and atrocious cruelty against these beautiful, noble animals. That’s why we launched this campaign in our country. 

This second edition of the campaign, which will initially be broadcast in its first phase in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, asks the public not to participate in these cruel events and asks the Pamplona City Council to eliminate the bullfights during the San Fermín festivities. Please share and write to pamplona@pamplona.es to stop the cruel bullfights.