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Colombia: animal defender of the year

Colombia: animal defender of the year

Every year, in the Colombian city Medellín, an award is given for Defenzoor del año (animal defender of the year) by our sister organization Defenzoores, supported by CAS International. This year two former judges of the Colombian constitutional court received the prize, Maria Victoria Calle and Jorge Iván Palacio. From their position in the court they made several contributions in favor of the animals.

Until now, bullfighting was an exception in the Colombian animal protection laws (Ley 1774 del 6 de enero de 2016 and Ley 84 de 1989). But the Constitutional Court now recognizes that bullfighting is indeed animal maltreatment and gives the Congress two years to legislate and adapt these exceptions. CAS International applauds that these two former judges are the winners of the award Defenzoor del año. The sentence of the constitutional courts is an example for all the bullfighting countries. In fact, all there countries consider bullfighting as an exception in their animal protection laws.

The awarding of the prizes was preceded by an interesting lecture about the sentence of the court. The present public had the opportunity to discuss the sentence with the former judges. A video of CAS International with a message for the winners was transmitted too.