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Catalonia spends 850,000 euros a year on feasts with bulls

Catalonia spends 850,000 euros a year on feasts with bulls

Protest in Barcelona against cruel feasts with bulls © AnimaNaturalis/CAS International

CAS International and AnimaNaturalis are currently conducting an in-depth investigation of the 18,000 cruel feasts with bulls in Spain. With the results of this research, we will gain insight into how much money each municipality spends per feast. For the state of Catalonia, the study is practically finished.

Most municipalities have responded to our request to provide us with information about the subsidies they spend on cruel feasts -they are obliged to do so under Spanish law. With the information obtained, we come to the conclusion that the Catalan municipalities invest a total of 850,000 euros in cruel bull festivals. A huge amount of money that is not used for basic needs of the Catalan society, such as education or health care. Catalonia is undergoing the second wave of the pandemic with insufficient resources. The Catalan municipalities can use this money much better in hospitals than to finance cruel bull festivals.

According to our research, the municipality of Amposta spent the most money on bull feasts in 2019: 123,912 euros for 42 bull events in various festivities and neighbourhoods. A total of 17 bulls were used for the fire bull event; 7 for a street events where the bull is chased while attached to a rope;  and 18 for other types of events with bulls. The second municipality is Sant Carles de la Rápita, which spent 68,656 euros for 26 bull festivals.

Last week we protested against these cruel fiestas in Barcelona. The feasts with bulls should be banned because they are cruel to the animals. And the subsidies must stop because the money is badly needed elsewhere. According to our calculations, the Catalan municipalities can finance these urgent needs with 850,000 euros: 30 ICU beds, 34 respirators, the annual salary of 10 doctors and 20 nurses; 23,600 corona tests and 467,000 surgical masks.

Our research, the largest ever conducted in Spain, is of great importance in putting an end to these cruel feasts with bulls. But we can only gather all this information with your help. Help us so we can continue our impactful investigation! Become a sponsor or make a donation.