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CAS visits adoption horse Don Jamie


CAS visits adoption horse Don Jamie
On October 10 CAS International travelled to Belgium to visit our adoption horse Don Jamie. He is so sweet and stalwart! For us, this was a very beautiful and emotional moment, since Don Jamie has gone through a lot. In Spain he was used as a horse during rejoneos (a type of bullfight from Portugal). During the rejoneo the bullfighter fights the bull from horseback. The bullfighter needs to get very close to the bull, resulting in a high risk for the horse. It happens often that a horse gets injured during a rejoneo, and sometimes the animal even dies.

Don Jamie revolted against his bullfighter. One day he made a ride with Don Jamie outside but Jamie threw him from a bridge. Fortunately, Jamie now lives with Josepha Guillaume since 2001, she understands him and helped Jamie to overcome his traumas. During our visit we could feel their deep and strong connection! Read their story here.

Josepha made a video about our visit, watch it here:

The upkeep of Don Jamie is expensive. For this reason he can use some help. And that is possible through CAS International. You can adopt Don Jamie and help him financially every month, and at the same time support the work of CAS International.