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CAS protests in Madrid against the death of more than 150 bulls

CAS protests in Madrid against the death of more than 150 bulls

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This year, CAS International, together with AnimaNaturalis, protested against the bullfights that take place during the San Isidro festivities held in the Spanish capital of Madrid. Estefanía Pampín Zuidmeer, employee projects & publicity, represented CAS during this protest.

Madrid is still one of the states in Spain where bullfighting is most strongly present. During the San Isidro festivities, 160 bulls are killed in bullfights that take place during 30 days. In front of the city hall of Madrid, CAS and AnimaNaturalis held an impressive protest with the motto “stop tauromaquia” (stop bullfighting). For this protest, a place was requested on a busy side of the city hall to reach as many people as possible. Unfortunately we were assigned another place at the very last minute where nobody passed by. Because it was a narrow street, the press had to stand in the middle of the road to be able to take pictures of our action. The police opposed us and a policemen even treated a photographer aggressively. Despite the circumstances, there was a lot of press and we were able to spread our message through the media.

Estefanía also visited our adoption animals Marius, Ruth and Maniel who are staying in Santuario Vegan, close to Madrid. Marius, Ruth and Manuel are now doing well. They live together: Marius is the boss of the herd; Ruth behaves like the meddlesome mother and Manuel hates the vets. You can support Marius, Ruth and Manuel by adopting them.

By adopting Marius, Ruth and Manuel you can contribute to a better life for them. At the same time you support our work to put an end to bullfighting. Read the terms and conditions to adopt Marius, Ruth or Manuel.

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